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Great news for our current and future customer base. S&G Corrugated Packaging Inc. is in the process of merging with a major corrugated manufacturer which will enhance our capabilities to meet any demand in today’s very competitive market place. This will allow us to pursue opportunities in markets that were well beyond our previous capabilities such as truckload quantities, specialty items, larger sales territories and to compete for major business contracts, etc. This major move will not have an adverse effect on our many valued customers that have been with S&G from the beginning. This major move will have a direct impact right away in all categories, when it comes to service, product and turnaround for our valued customers that have been here for us from the beginning. We will be here for them just as they have always been here for us. Looking forward to fulfilling all your packaging needs. You will find us in some of the following areas real soon:

  • Personal care and Beauty
  • Beverage
  • Retail
  • Electronics
  • Health Care
  • Food Services
  • Commercial Printing
  • E – Commerce

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to do business with you!!


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